Increasing Popularity And Interest In Dental Implants

Since the discovery of the ‘osseointegration’ of titanium and bone in the 1950s, sophisticated and permanent dental implants have been developed and the popularity of dental implants has been increasing over the years at a rapid rate.

It is expected that this rate will rapidly increase within the next decade; largely due to consumer awareness. People are feeling crooked or decaying teeth are simply not acceptable anymore.

Of course, with the increasing number of people who have already undergone the procedure, many of us will also now know of someone who has had implants placed and discussing it with them can often re-assure us of the value of dental implants.

Other factors are likely to stimulate your interest in dental implants too, such as the fact that most implants will now last for over 25 years and are most often the preferred option for replacing missing teeth. With a success rate of over 95%, there should be little fear of failure of the procedure and contraindications have also decreased rapidly over the years with advances in the procedure.

Partials and Dentures are increasingly become less desirable, as patient want to stop bone loss, chew better, have stable teeth, look great, and feel their teeth are secure.

Until relatively recently, dental implant procedures took place over a long period of up to nine months which would undoubtedly have deterred a number of potential users. However, with the advancements in dental implant technology and especially immediate teeth and “all on 4″ implant placement, this procedure can often be carried out in a single visit which is significantly more user friendly.

As if the above factors were not enough, the basic human need to chew food comfortably and to be confident in our smile should alone warrant a good proportion of the forecasted increase.

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